June: 5 Artist Under 5K


Last month we looked at some serious talent for 5 Artist Under 5k.

Each month I share 5 artist with less than five thousand Instagram followers I want you to listen to.

With the current lockdown in the UK soon finishing, check out my top picks for June.


Insta: @benjamin_ad 3.7k (June, 2020)

Kicking off this month where many great things start, South London! The vast array of talent and pure uniqueness embodies itself perfectly in Benjamin A.D. Sitting in the pockets of Rap, R&B and an hit of soul, his melodies and tone connect slickly.

Being far from a new artist, Benjamin A.D has a long history in the UK music scene. From tracks during early stages of SBTV, GRM Daily and Link Up TV, to signing a record deal he later fought to get out of. The rappers re-emergence brings a refreshing energy and special blend of musical sounds.

My Favourite: Oxytocin

Also check: Backseat Driving


Insta: @serenaisioma 3.9k (June, 2020)

Sometimes it hard to put artists in a box when they clearly don’t belong in that space. Serena Isioma (e-see-oh-ma) is a 19 year-old singer song writing born in Chicago making lots of noise. Pop infused productions, live elements and hints of Hip-Hop/R&B sit well with her misty vocals.

Isioma’s debut EP Senitive got everyone talking. Across the 5 tracks we get a feel for her style, musical range and an unapologetically honest lyrics. Over the next coming months I’m sure you will see Serena’s name, and music, circulate more and more.

My favourite: Hard

Also check: Senitive Ep


Insta: @ragzoriginale 4.5k (June, 2020)

To put it plain and simple, echoing the words of his Spotify bio – Shower Man! On the surface new fans may have come across Ragz Originale’s 2020 ‘txt ur x’ EP, but dig a little deeper and you find his influence in the UK music scene over the past couple of years.

Producing and/or co-producing tracks for Skepta (Konnichiwa, Bullet From A Gun, Shutdown), CASisDead (What’s My Name), BenjiFlow (Deep End, Jolene) and many more.

His own sound is comprised of chilled out melodic rap vocals over Hip-Hop/R&B beats. The sort of music you put on loop for hours and hours.

My favourite: Thin Line

Also check: could it be


Insta: @sheischinwe 789 (June, 2020)

Soul meets R&B in the awesome sound created by Chinwe. The singer-song writer, and producer,  has a distinctive voice which made me play this track over and over again. In what is her third release, ‘Sin’ is her raw and open account of how some relationships breakdown.

The musical vibe is super chill but significantly rich. East London’s very own Chinwe is definitely one to watch for the (near) future.

My favourite: Sin

Also check: Oh Love


Insta: @malaisiyah 1.8k (June, 2020)

Hard hitting raps! Ending off in East London, meet the 18 year-old rapper Malaisiyah. Super new to the music scene Malaisiyah built a buzz via online freestyles before dropping her first single ‘Cascaded’.

Coming with confidence from the jump, I gave Malaisiyah her first ever national radio play and I’m excited to watch her career grow from here.

My favourite: Cascaded