May: 5 Artist Under 5K


Big love to everyone who checked out last month’s addition of 5 Artist Under 5k.

This is a space where I share 5 artist with less than five thousand Instagram followers you definitely want to be across.

With the current lockdown in the UK, it’s only right we update our playlists with some of the hottest musical talent out right now.


Insta: @keys_theprince –  2.9K (May, 2020)

After turning heads with his powerful 2019 drop Peter Petrelli, Keys The Prince (KTP) kicked down the doors others knock at. The West Londoner offered an answer to those complaining about the state of UK Rap music.

KTP crafted a sweet sound for his debut EP ‘Nothing Else Matters’. Self-written and produced, the EP gave me a feeling of joy, excitement and a serious want for more! Filled with gospel influenced instrumentation this is a great introduction to who KTP is and what he’s about.

My Favourite Song: The Gift

Also check out: Ride For Me


Insta: @toradifrance – 3.1K (May, 2020)

Have you ever listened to an artist and thought I can’t wait until the whole world knows about you! That is exactly what comes to mind when listening to Tora. A powerhouse vocal that still soothes the ears, Tora has the sort of star quality you can’t manufacture.

Starting 2020 very strong Tora’s three releases showcase her outstanding vocal ability and range, while captivating our eyes with uniquely crafted visuals (please check ‘Pisonia Prologue’ and ‘Vein’). Outside of the music I don’t know too much about the singer songwriter but I’m super excited to see what happens next.

My Favourite Song: Call Your Name

Also check out: Pisonia Prologue ,  Vein


Insta: @duchessartist – 2.8K (May, 2020)

If you love UK R&B with that international feel, you’re in safe hands with Duchess. At the end of 2019 the extremely talented songstress revealed herself to the music scene with her debut single ‘Why Can’t We’. Fusing straight talking lyrics with a silky smooth vocal, the South Londoner teased enough of her ability to gain a massive interest.

With a buzz quickly building, Duchess followed up with her first ever music video for new single Elephant, a song that reminded me of two of my favourite female artists Nao and Emelie Sande. The 22 years old has a depth of soulfulness to her sound that is way ahead of her time and will surely be a significant voice of our generation.

My Favourite Song: Elephant

Also check out: Early Days (EP)When It All Falls Down


Insta: @julysvn – 3K (May, 2020)

When it comes to music Manchester is always a great place to start, especially with hidden gems like July 7. Although I say hidden, the singing-song writing guitarist has already caught the attention of fans all around the world. His mini breakthrough came in 2017, with songs like Talk To Me’ and ‘Pronto’ gaining over 1 million streams.

Since then July 7 has steadily built his fan base while attaining the respect of his peers, opening up for One Acen and playing Wembley Arena. His futuristic R&B flows, coupled with a rock and roll eclectic guitar, is perfect listen for whatever mood you’re in.

My Favourite Song: Delirious

Also check out: Chocolate (EP)Sweets (EP)


Insta: @isaiahuron – 1.9K (May, 2020)

My wildcard pick! I don’t know where to start with Isaia Huron for one simple reason. There’s hardly any information out there! Nothing but high quality music. Back in the R&B bag, his illusive nature shows talent really does speak for itself.

With two Eps in 2020 and an extensive SoundCloud catalogue I say just give yourself an afternoon to listen to his sound. You won’t be disappointed.

My favourite song: MoreFrom, To

Also check out: Libbie (EP)Three (EP)Soundcloud