Interview: Nao breaks down album Saturn, Career Transitions, Influences + MORE


Listen to the full podcast below.

If you could imagine how angels sound, I’m sure Nao is the best representation of what you’d expect to hear. After dropping one of my favourite albums of 2018 and completely the tour, I finally got to catch up with Nao for an insightful conversation.

Many fans first came across in Nao through one of her early popular tracks ‘Adore You‘ and ‘Zillionaire‘ but her career started way before that. In the early days the soulful-pop singer sang backing vocals for different artists and was even part of an all female beat boxing group.

The East London singers unique sound blends electronic instruments accompanied by a soft, yet powerful, vocal. In a period of the reemergence of ‘popular’ Grime music, Nao’s sound still cut through, almost demanding attention within all of the noise.

Her February 15 and For All We Know projects introduced the sound a lot of us never knew we needed.

For me Saturn is a complete album. I love listening to concept based projects and this ticked every box. Each track builds into the bigger picture without losing its own quality. To me, listening to the project felt like listening to a mini movie in my ears.

Also seeing the album translate into the live show was very interesting. Nao sold out Electric Brixton for a night full of 100% good vibes. I think it was definitely one of my favourite shows of 2019, with the Nao fan base being up for anything.

Nao has a busy summer ahead, check out her 2019 tour dates here. I’m hoping we get new music before the end of the year.

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