Videos, Interview|22nd November 2019

Rapman and Stephen Odubola Talk Blue Story, Uprbingings and Shaping Culture


2019 was a game changer for British film with Rapman releasing his debut film Blue Story.

Following an extremely successful Shiro’s Story trilogy and years of perseverance, Rapman gave an unique perspective on gang/inner city life through first feature film which soon became the highest grossing of its genre ever.

Watch: Michael Ward: My journey to Top Boy and Blue Story

The writer/director also paved the way for a fresh wave of British talent with the likes of  Stephen Odubola and Michael Ward gaining their first leading roles on the big screen.

I spoke to Rapman and Stephen Odubola about the cultural impact of Blue Story, their personal journeys to and through the film and plans for the future.

Watch the full interview above.