Interview, Podcast|3rd July 2019

Jay1 talks Life Journey, Coventry, Your Mrs, One Wave EP, Stormzy Shout out + More

2019 saw the meteoric rise of Conventry based rapper Jay1.

With catchy flows and recent hits like Becky, Your Mrs and Mockin It, Jay1’s thrust into the mainstream can easily be seen as quick success but his musical journey dates as far back as 2014.

We spoke about his family moving to Coventry from North London for financial reasons and how difficult it was to adjust to the new city.

Although life was difficult, Jay1 used the time to build a unique fan base in Coventry catapulting him to a mainstream audience in the UK.

His first ever feature on the Keisha Becky remix also proved a success before dropping his EP One Wave and announcing his debut tour.

Check out One Wave and the full interview.Β